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Irish Prean Pea

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A small cast iron pot holds a collection of dry Irish Preans and their mature pods - an image that conjures hearty comfort food for a chilly winter's day
Robust vines of the climbing pea variety Irish Preans mid-season climbing their trellis, flush with their first blossoms.
An up-close view of the gorgeous two-toned mauve and dusty rose blossoms of climbing pea variety Irish Prean

(Pisum sativum); Climbing habit; Minimum 25 seeds

Released by an Irish Agricultural Research Station, these peas are truly extraordinary. Robust vines that easily topped their 6' / 2m trellis develop a profusion of maroon & mauve flowers giving way to large, chubby pods holding enormous meaty peas. As dry peas, they earn their "prean" distinction with their resemblance that favors fava beans over regular peas. They are fabulous in soups and stews.

Mmm I can imagine a rich, savory dish of these hearty dry garden gems on a chilly winter's day, can't you? I am thinking slow cooked in my New England Bean Pot with molasses, sriracha, and a bit of bacon perhaps...

Pods are thin and will shatter if dry and left on the vine too long.

Limit 2 packs per person. I will refund any additional packs ordered.

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