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Silver King Dent Corn

Great Lakes Staple Seeds

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Silver King Dent Corn
Silver King Dent Corn on June 17 2020
Silver King Dent Corn (stalk development)

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Silver King Dent Corn is also know as Wisconsin No. 7 which is one of the reasons we chose it!    It was the leading white-dent variety in the Northern part of the Corn Belt. Originally by A.J.Goddard of Ft. Atkinson, Iowa, who brought a bushel from Indiana to Fayette County, Iowa in 1862. Foundation stock was produced by the Wisconsin Experimental Station in 1904. Wide creamy white kernels on a white cob, with medium depth and thickness.  Ears slowly taper from butt to tip, with slightly wavy rows. Slightly rough. 

Planted on May 23 with a soil temperature of 68F.

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