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Silver King Dent Corn

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Silver King Dent Corn
Silver King Dent Corn on June 17 2020
Silver King Dent Corn (stalk development)

(Zea mays); 100 day; Heritage - Centennial; a Wisconsin Connection cultivar

Silver King Dent Corn is also know as Wisconsin No. 7 which is one of the reasons we chose it! It was the leading white-dent variety in the Northern part of the Corn Belt. Originated with A.J. Goddard of Ft. Atkinson, Iowa, who brought a bushel from Indiana to Fayette County, Iowa in 1862. Foundation stock was produced by the Wisconsin Experimental Station in 1904. Wide creamy white kernels on a white cob, with medium depth and thickness. Ears slowly taper from butt to tip, with slightly wavy rows. Slightly rough. Like Bloody Butcher, it can be roasted when the ears are young.

Oil percentage typically ~4.6%. It is written on the internet that white corn is superior for distillation. From what I read, the white being lower in protein, higher in starch and less oil than yellow corn is what makes it better. 

Our original seed came from New York. Don't confuse this heritage dent corn with a hybrid sweet corn of the same name!

28 grams per 100 seeds

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