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Stupice Tomato

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Stupice Tomato
Stupice Tomato

(Solanum lycopersicum); a Heritage variety; Indeterminate; Red; Potato-leaf; Mid-season maturity; Minimum 30 seeds.

Scott's Great, Great, Great Grandparents Josef and Katerina Strejc came from Czechoslovakia and raised fruits and vegetables on the banks of the Kankakee River in English Lake, Indiana. We like to think they may have grown a tomato similar to Stupice, though this variety was bred in the 1940s by famous Czech plant breeder Jaroslav Homola. Pronounced STOO-peach-ka, this salad variety is an early and prolific producer of multiple clusters of red, variably shaped fruits. A high frost tolerance means the stocky, medium sized plants are well suited for northern gardens. With a satisfyingly tangy and sweet flavor, Stupice tomatoes are enjoyed fresh or in salads; their size makes them a good choice for "whole fruit" canning.

Be sure to read more on Stupice's history.

The little girl in the photo is Scott's Grandmother Helen (née Zacek) Gundlach.




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