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Black Sicilian Garbanzo

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Black Sicilian Garbanzo
Black Sicilian Garbanzo

(Cicer arietinum);  Bush; Minimum 25 seeds

Garbanzos are also known as ceci in Italy, and Black Sicilian Garbanzos are a robust flavorful addition to your pantry staples. Enjoy fresh in hummus or as a rich, wholesome ingredient in any number of healthy dishes. Lacy foliage supports an abundance of puffy green pods in the late summer that fill with an average of two seeds per pod.

Grow as you would dry beans.

Chickpeas are wonderfully versatile pantry staples as evidenced by this amazing Lemony Chickpea Cake recipe - I know it sounds weird but it really is a "make again" cake!

Please note the plants of this species are commonly referred to as chickpeas and garbanzos interchangeably.

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