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Bush Growth Habit

Biwa Sitter Cowpea

Great Lakes Staple Seeds

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An abundance of tiny, plump Biwa Sitter Cowpea seeds (creamy white with black around the hilum) freshly shelled from their dry pods

(Vigna unguiculata); Heirloom; Bush habit; Dry bean; Minimum 40 seeds

Incredibly productive in our gardens, Biwa Sitter Cowpea is unique in that it's sprawling branches "sit" on the ground instead of climbing. Stewarded for generations by the Kapayou family of Tama County Iowa's Meskwaki Community, the tiny cream-colored dry beans are a buttery sweet pantry staple typically used in soups.

Cultivate this low-to-no maintenance cowpea variety as you would dry beans. Harvest after 90 days when the pods are papery dry.

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