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Rouge de Bordeaux Wheat

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Rouge de Bordeaux Wheat
Rouge de Bordeaux Wheat

(Triticum aestivum); Heritage; Hard Red Winter; Awnless; Fall-planted

An awnless hard red heritage wheat from France, Rouge de Bordeaux is often mentioned in traditional bread making discussions. This variety does well on our clay soils.  We grow Rouge de Bordeux as a fall planted wheat while our fellow seedsman John Scherck has grown it as a spring planted wheat. This line is multi-generational grown on our southeast Michigan homestead.

Please use the drop-down menu to select between packet sizes, minimum:

a) 50 hand selected seeds
b) 7 grams (quarter ounce)


Inventory Note: Rouge de Bordeaux suffered extensive bird theft this season, as a result our inventory is limited. Please consider the following awned cultivars as alternative bread wheats Viglasska, and Kastická Osinatká; they consistenly impress!


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