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Litchi Tomato Garden Berry

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Litchi Tomato Garden Berry
Litchi Tomato Garden Berry arrangement
Cross section of Litchi Tomato Garden Berry
plant of the Litchi Tomato Garden Berry

(Solanum sisymbriifolium); aka litchi tomato, Morelle de Balbis, vila-vila, sticky nightshade, red buffalo-bur, or the fire-and-ice plant; Minimum 50 seeds

Bushes grow to 5 feet with sprawling branches and are covered with spines that require care when handling (similar to raising raspberries or gooseberries.) High in anti-oxidants, the uniquely flavored sweet berries are medium sized, red on the outside and orange inside. Berries grow inside a spiny, green husk that browns and shrinks when dry. When the fruit is ripe it is easily removed from the stem. Prolific, plants produced until frost. Low maintenance. A magnet for tomato hornworms and Colorado potato beetles.

Nutritional information from the 2015 paper Phytonutrient content of Solanum sisymbriifolium Lam. berries in The Journal of Food Composition & Analysis'

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