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(Solanum burbankii); aka Wonderberry; Bush; Second generation seed; Minimum 50 seeds

A tasty and versatile garden berry, Sunberry is one of those "plant it and forget it" varieties. Developed early in the 20th century, its history is not without controversy - reportedly originally bred by Luther Burbank (hence the species name), seedsman John Lewis Childs later offered the variety as Wonderberry in 1909, calling into question its provenance. Regardless, we value Sunberry as a low-to-no maintenance prolific source of nutritious berries. Rambunctious self-supporting bushes become laden with small, semi-sweet tart berries that are a healthy add to yoghurt, oatmeal, ice-cream or baked goods. They dehydrate well and process easily for jam, jelly or syrup. Direct seed or start the small seeds early as you would tomatoes. Will self-seed.

Important: Sunberries are an edible relation to common black nightshade so do not eat raw, green sunberries. Harvest sunberries when they are a purple-black and have softened.

Note: Sunberry leaves become pocked with tiny holes but this doesn't seem to affect productivity.


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