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Japanese Buckwheat

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Japanese Buckwheat
Japanese Buckwheat
Japanese Buckwheat
Japanese Buckwheat
A slice of gluten-free chocolaty goodness featuring homegrown, home-milled buckwheat flour.

(Fagopyrum esculentum); Hulled; Minimum 4 grams

Japanese buckwheat is more common than and a separate species from our Tartary Buckwheat (so they won't cross-pollinate) with an equal draw for pollinators and effectiveness as a cover crop.

Easy to thresh, buckwheat kernels require de-hulling if you want to use the grains whole.  Transform buckwheat kernels into a versatile gluten-free flour using this method.  Be sure to try our favorite buckwheat pancake recipe or this amazing buckwheat flour chocolate cake recipe.

Culinary notes: buckwheat kernels become buckwheat groats by removing their hulls. Kasha is toasted buckwheat. 

Since Japanese Buckwheat is commonly available from so many sources, other crops get first dibs on our space.

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