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Ampuis Sweet Pepper

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Ampuis Sweet Pepper
Ampuis Sweet Pepper
Ampuis Sweet Pepper cut open for stuffing

(Capsicum annuum); Heritage; a Slow Food Ark of Taste variety; Minimum 20 seeds

Very early for us in our southeast Michigan gardens, this wonderful chubby little sweet pepper hails from the municipality of Ampuis in France's Rhône district where it's been known to local gardeners since before the Revolution. Short plants (~ 2 foot) are very, VERY productive until frost. Red ripe these delights are versatile. Perfect for snacks, they are fun bite-size cups to hold your favorite picnic salad. Ribbed fruits are thin walled, crisp, with a clean sweet and mild pepper flavor; known to store well when dried.

Learn more about this pepper's history by visiting its Ark of Taste page.

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