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Inciardi Tomato

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sliced Inciardi's Paste Tomato
Inciardi's Paste Tomato

(Solanum lycopersicum); a Slow Food Ark of Taste variety; an Illinois Connection variety; Indeterminate; Red; Cylindrical; Regular leaf; Mid-season; Minimum 25 seeds

Meaty, low acid fruits, born in clusters on vigorous productive vines, are absolutely divine roasted and sauced for paste. In the mid 90s Downers Grove gardener Vicki Nowicki received a tomato from her friend's neighbor John Inciardi and was so impressed by it she's saved seed, stewarding the variety. When John's father Henry Inciardi came to Chicago with his parents from Sicily in 1900, seeds of their favorite vegetables, including this tomato, were sewn into their clothes to keep them safe from confiscation. Be sure to check Slow Food's Inciardi's Paste Tomato page to learn more about this wonderful tomato.

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