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Pomodoro Pizzutello Di Paceco Tomato

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Pomodoro Pizzutello Di Paceco Tomato
Pomodoro Pizzutello Di Paceco Tomato

(Solanum lycopersicum); Heritage - Centennial; a Slow Food Ark of Taste variety; Indeterminate; Minimum 30 seeds

A great winter storage tomato, Pomodoro Pizzutello Di Paceco (affectionately known as "Piz di Pac" in our kitchen) has graced the tables of Paceco Italy for over a century. Typically dry-farmed (without irrigation), Piz di Pac's round, red fruits have a characteristic pizzo (pointy nipple tip.) Meaty and flavorful, harvest the trusses when the majority of the fruits are red and hang in a cool, dry location for enjoyment late into winter. Also great for saucing, passata, and fresh eating.

Apologies, my photo(s) have gone AWOL but be sure to check the Slow Food Ark of Taste's Pomodoro Pizzutello Di Paceco page for more information

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