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Fultz Wheat

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Fultz Wheat seeds
Fultz Wheat
A USDA distribution map for 1949 acreage of soft red spring wheat cultivar 'Fultz'
awnless Fultz Wheat

(Triticum aestivum); Heritage - Centennial; Soft Red Winter; Awnletted; a Pennsylvania Connection variety; Fall-planted; Minimum 25 seeds

This soft red winter variety is named for Pennsylvania farmer Abraham Fultz. In 1862 he noticed three awnless spikes while passing through a Mifflin County field of awned Lancaster wheat. That first year he sowed seeds from those spikes and continued planting his harvest, each season increasing his seed quantities. Within several seasons he had enough stock seed to share it throughout the country after which it became one of the most widely sown cultivars - true testament to the power of personal seed saving.

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