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Black Futsu Squash

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Black Futsu Squash, Moschata, Winter Squash, Trellis,

(Cucurbita moschata); Heirloom; Cheese type;  Hand-pollinated; Minimum 20 seeds

The medium sprawl of its vines and manageable fruit size make this Japanese heirloom an excellent candidate for trellising, saving space in small gardens. Picked dark green, the flavor of the squash's fine grained flesh develops from a sweet fruitiness freshly enjoyed to a more nutty nature as the squash matures to an orangy-brown color in storage. (Don't be concerned if some of your Black Futsu squashes grow a thin white “bloom” layer on their surface, it doesn't affect their flavor or storage.) The edible nature of its thin skin increases the versatility of Black Futsu which is often savored thinly sliced raw as part of a fruit tray or with cheese and prosciutto. It is an excellent choice for tempura or for pickling. Typical of moschatas, Black Futsu requires a longer growing season with most of the fruits maturing at the 105 day mark. When properly cured and stored, they are excellent keepers.

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