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Indiana Red Tomato

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Fried Green Tomatoes from Indiana Red Tomato
Green Tomatoes from Indiana Red Tomato
sliced green Fried Green Tomatoes from Indiana Red Tomato
Indiana Red Tomato
Indiana Red Tomato

(Solanum lycopersicum); Indeterminate; Beefsteak; Regular leaf (wispy); Mid-season maturity; Minimum 15 seeds

We were introduced to this variety by Tomato Whisperer Karen of Michigan Heirlooms. Her seeds were sourced from legendary seedsman Neil Lockhart who asserted the "fabulous flavor" of Indiana Red. Exceptional for fresh eating or saucing, the drier, meaty consistency of these large heart-shaped tomatoes mean they are perfect for delicious fried green tomatoes as well.

Learn more about the history of this worthy variety on Michigan Heirlooms.

Live in Michigan? Consider letting Karen of Michigan Heirlooms get your garden(s) off to a great start with her high-quality, organic Indiana Red spring transplants.

It is hard to tell in the photo but the tomato in the scale weighs 14.1 ounces!

Want to make a tasty treat? Give Scott's recipe for fried green tomatoes a try!

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