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Maris Wigeon Wheat

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Maris Wigeon Wheat
Maris Wigeon Wheat (bundle of heads)
Maris Wigeon Wheat (heads)
Maris Wigeon Wheat

(Triticum aestivum); Heritage; Awnless; Fall-planted

This winter wheat cultivar is favored for roof thatching due to its strong stem. Maris Wigeon or sometimes as Maris Widgeon was developed by the Plant Breeding Institute (PBI) in Cambridgeshire in 1964. The 'Maris' in the name, was derived from Maris Lane, the address of PBI headquarters in Trumpington, Cambridge.

This is a very detailed report on types of what used for thatching and how the thick roof survives fungi attacks.  When I was first growing this wheat, I kept expecting 'very long stems' which I wasn't getting.  Then, I realized the its the thickness and stiffness of the stems that makes for a useful roofing material.  

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