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Pigeon Pea

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seeds of Gandul Bean (Pigeon Pea)

(Cajanus cajan); aka Ganduls, Red Gram, Tur, Gungo Peas; a Slow Food Ark of Taste variety; Bush habit; Minimum 15 seeds

Finally after several seasons without a successful harvest due to Mother Nature's finicky whims, we can now offer northern adapted (non-photoperiod sensitive) ganduls! Hurray for this increase in biodiversity available to short-season growers!

A taste of Cuba for northern gardens - with its origins in Asia or Africa, Pigeon Peas first appeared in gardens in the Caribbean and on Cuba after the Spanish Conquest. Traditionally, the protein rich ganduls, Cuban for pigeon peas, are cooked in rice, with or without coconut milk. In addition to its edible uses, the plant and its flowers are reported to have significant medicinal qualities worth investigating. (As we are not qualified herbalists, I can't go into detail.) Bushes develop an abundance of cheery yellow blossoms that mature to plump pods holding an average of 6 pea


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