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Dragon's Claw Millet

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Dragon's Claw Millet with well formed seed heads
Dragon's Claw Millet are developing nice heads
The plot of Dragon's Claw Millet are looking nice.
Dragon's Claw Millet (heads in formation)
Dragon's Claw Millet
Dragon's Claw Millet
seed Dragon's Claw Millet

(Eleusine coracana); 95 days; a Slow Food Ark of Taste variety; Minimum 4 grams of seed

Also known as Finger Millet, Ragi Millet or Karabe in Japan where it is a Slow Food Ark of Taste variety, this low-to-no-maintenance drought tolerant millet produces seed heads that really look like claws. Plant after all risk of frost. Our plants produce heads that have 4 or 5 fingers with each plant producing multiple heads.

We plant ours in 9 inch rows and thinning to a foot between plants.  Strangely, the birds leave it alone allowing ripe heads to be cut and hung to dry further in the barn before threshing. If you want to grow a millet "safe" from the birds without netting, this is the one!

Does not cross pollinate with proso, foxtail, or pearl millet varieties.

This is the same as our Dry Farmed Dragon's Claw Millet except for the fact that these seeds are harvested from plants that received irrigation.

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