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European Quince

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European Quince
European Quince
European Quince

(Cydonia oblonga); Minimum 10 seeds harvested November 2023

Part of our Bountiful Harvest - Fall Forage Crops Collection that is a work in progress.

Yes, there are sources that say quince are best propagated from cuttings; however, there are also sources that assert that it is possible to grow successfully from seed though like with a hybrid vegetable, the resulting plant will probably differ from the parent, which in this case the parent cultivar is "Aromatnaya." While we acknowledge the unpredictability of growing from seed, it is a project we are pursuing on our southeast Michigan homestead. We offer these seeds in the spirit of our project - while it isn't guaranteed, we believe it is worth the trial.

Furrowed pear-like fruits are citrusy and are not usually eaten raw, instead transformed into amazing preserves - Spain's Membrillo is a delightful treat enjoyed with Manchego, while our German friend distills his quince into a wonderfully aromatic schnapps.

The tree shown was planted as a bare-root sapling in 2018

Stratify seeds in moist, cool conditions for 4-6 weeks before sowing in seed-starting media.

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