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Hot Biscuits Amaranth

Great Lakes Staple Seeds

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Hot Biscuits Amaranth
Hot Biscuits Amaranth

(Amaranthus cruentus); Golden seed; Minimum 1 gram

Stunning vibrant bronze grain plumes adorn hefty plants that grow to 7 feet, thriving in less than fertile soils and with minimal care. An ancient pseudo-cereal gluten-free staple of the Aztecs, amaranth seeds are easily threshed by hand and are used without the need for hulling. Amaranth grains are protein rich and nutrient dense, an excellent source of the essential amino acid lysine. Enjoy them raw, sprouted, boiled, toasted or ground into flour. Drought and heat tolerant, the striking yellow ribbed leaves of Hot Biscuits are a nutritous source for summer greens when other greens wilt or go to seed.

Due to the tiny nature of the seeds, start indoors in individual pots a week or so before planting or broadcast lightly into a raked, well-weeded seed bed. Intitial growth is slow. Plants benefit from reduced weed pressure as germination.

Highly ornamental.

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