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Limelight Millet

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Limelight Millet seed heads
Limelight Millet seeds being protected by mesh bags
Limelight Millet seeds
Limelight Millet seeds
Limelight Millet seeds
Limelight Millet seeds

(Setaria italica); Foxtail type; Hulled; Minimum 4 grams

Foxtail millets are named for their long, full, "fluffy" seed heads. They are one of the oldest crops under cultivation, appearing in Chinese records dating back to 2700 B.C. Highly ornamental, Limelight millet is versatile and nutritious, grown as a gluten-free grain for porridge or flour. Its seeds are favored by poultry and wild birds and its stalks provide a good hay crop.

We direct seed the first week of June in closely spaced rows, to create a block that provides an extra measure of support for the 4-foot tall plants. The young plants do not compete well with weeds, so a well-prepared seed bed is essential. Once established, the plants tiller vigorously and are low-maintenance. As the grain heads mature, they are very attractive to wildlife - we use bird netting to ensure a harvest. We harvest the crop when most of the seed heads are golden by cutting the stalks at the base of the plant. We then hang them in the barn to finish drying and thresh by hand.

De-hull your foxtail millet with a spice/coffee grinder: Youtube Video

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