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Canada Crookneck Squash

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Canada Crookneck Squash

(Cucurbita moschata); Heirloom; a Slow Food Ark of Taste variety; Butternut type; Hand-pollinated; Minimum 15 seeds

Fearing Burr's proclamation that this variety is "unquestionably the best of the Crooknecked sorts" in the 1865 Field and garden vegetables of America is appropriate. A sweet, nutty moschata, delectable in soups or roasted, Canada Crookneck is an edible-skinned delight from the Iroquois Nation that first appears commercially in 1827. Vines have a moderate sprawl and a good resistance to vine borers. Fruits well cured store well so you can enjoy them as winter comfort food well beyond harvest.

Slow Food has an interesting page about this Ark of Taste variety.



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