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Red Fox Carlin Pea

Great Lakes Staple Seeds

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Gorgeously plump dry Red Fox Carlin Peas await their inclusion in your favorite comfort soup or stew
A garden trellis view of Red Fox Carlin Pea - its vigorous plants laden with an abundance of plump green pods among wispy, edible tendrils.

(Pisum sativum); Heirloom; Climbing pea; Hyper-tendril; Dry pea; Minimum 20 seeds

Noteworthy in its proliferation of tendrils, Red Fox Carlin Pea is a unique dry pea for your garden. A commercial variety from England, the fox red colored dry peas are used in place of chickpeas or lentils in curries, stews or hearty soups. They also feature in Parched Peas, boiled and served with vinegar and salt. As a delightful bonus, the tendrils are crisp and sweet when lightly steamed. I grow the prolific plants on a trellis but their hyper-tendrils mean they are self-supportive.

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