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Red Leaf Amaranth

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Red Leaf Amaranth
Red Leaf Amaranth
Red Leaf Amaranth

(Amaranthus spp.); Black seed; 1.9 cc (~1 gram)

Due to the tiny nature of the seeds, start indoors in individual pots a week or so before planting or broadcast lightly into a raked, well-weeded seed bed. Initial growth is slow. Plants benefit from reduced weed pressure during germination.

Highly ornamental, widely adaptable and tolerant of less than ideal growing conditions, versatile and incredibly nutritious - amaranth deserves a place in your garden. It is an excellent guerilla garden candidate for those in subdivisions that frown upon growing your own food.

Amaranth is a prolific self-seeder; keep this in mind when selecting planting location.

In addition to healthy gluten-free seeds, we grow amaranth for its edible leaves and shoots that offer a nutritious source of summer greens when others have wilted or gone to seed.

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