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Homestead Sunflowers

Great Lakes Staple Seeds

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Large seeded sunflower seeds grown on our homestead
we protect our best sunflower heads with tulle mesh
Large Homestead Sunflower head
Two very nice, large sunflower heads
largest sunflower heads are often on very tall stalks
Homestead Sunflowers
Homestead Sunflowers
Homestead Sunflowers just before the heads open
Mammoth type large sunflower seeds

(Helianthus annuus); 15 grams per packet (80 to 100 seeds)

Mammoth Grey-Stripe type selected for nice plump seeds on large heads with strong stalks. As you can tell from the photo, I started years ago with several seed sources as I create this Homestead Series.  I select for:

  • Big plump seeds (I find them easier to split open and eat)
  • Strong stalks to avoid lodging
  • Heads larger than a foot in diameter as all my harvesting activities are manual so I'd rather have 1 big vs 3 small heads to process

Plants reach 9-12 feet and tolerate a broad range of growing conditions but prefer full sun. When seeds are mature, birds flock to the blossoms.   I only save seeds from heads that meet my criteria by covering with mesh.




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