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Chiba Green Soybean

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Chiba Green; (Glycine max); non-GMO*; Bush bean; Fresh; Dry bean; Maodou; Edamame;

(Glycine max); non-GMO*; Bush bean; Fresh; Dry bean; Minimum 25 seeds

Soybeans nourish the gardener with their nutritious seeds as well as the garden soil through nitrogen fixation. An early maturing heavy harvest of plump 3-seeded pods makes Chiba Green a desirable crop in northern gardens. The compact upright nature of the bushes is suitable for small spaces. Of all the soybeans we grow, we rely on Chiba Green to sate our maodou / edamame desires the most. The fresh pods tend to mature at the same time and their buttery sweetness is a much anticipated traditional treat on a hot summer's day.

Yu Xiao's time-honored way of preparing maodou (fresh soybeans / edamame)

    * Our stock seed was sourced from a colleague who guarantees GMO-free status and our gardens are many miles from commercial soybean growers.

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