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Gokuwase Hayabusa Edamame Soybean

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dry non-GMO Gokuwase Hayabusa Edamame soybean seeds

(Glycine max); non-GMO*; Bush bean; Fresh; Dry bean; Minimum 25 seeds

Gokuwase Hayabusa Edamame is a fantastic short-season fresh soybean that really produces and at 48% dry weight protein, it is a nutritious pantry staple as well when pods are allowed to mature on the bush. Robust bushes reach a tidy 3 feet teeming with cheery blossoms that develop into an abundance of plump tasty pods. Summer just isn't summer for us without fresh maodou (edamame). Soybeans are a reliable, low-maintenance, prolific crop, a sound choice to provision your pantry with nutritious, versatile dry beans. Additionally, they give back to your garden through soil-building nitrogen-fixation.

Yu Xiao's time-honored way of preparing maodou (fresh soybeans / edamame)

* Our stock seed was sourced as guaranteed GMO-free status and our gardens are many, many miles from commercial soybean growers.

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