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Wase Kuro Daizu Soybean

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Wase Kuro Daizu Soybean

(Glycine max); non-GMO*; Bush bean; Fresh; Dry bean; Minimum 25 seeds

Wase Kuro Daizu is an early maturing variety from Japan's southern islands of Okinawa and Kyushu. Its short, stout bushes are reliable, low-maintenance and prolific, a great way to provision your pantry with nutritious, versatile dry beans to feature in a healthy lifestyle's plant-based meals- it's dry weight protein content is 45%. Characteristic of black seeded varieties, Wase Kuro Daizu germinates well in cooler conditions. Additionally, soybeans are wonderfully beneficial to your garden as their nitrogen fixation ability facilitates building healthy soil.

We always enjoy Wase Kuro Daizu's green pods as maodou - a ritual summertime treat for us.

Yu Xiao's time-honored way of preparing maodou (fresh soybeans / edamame)

* Our stock seed comes from a source who guarantees GMO-free status and our gardens are many, many miles from commercial soybean growers.

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