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Cob Tips & Butts

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Cob Tips & Butts for making cornmeal
Floriani Red Flint Corn showing the kernels from the Tips and Butts ends of the cobs
Floriani Red Flint Corn Cornmeal made with a Vitamix blender
Floriani Red Flint Corn Cornmeal made with a Mockmill attachment for a standing mixer
Transforming coarsely ground Floriani Red Flint Corn into Polenta using an Italian traditional polenta pot
Cob Tips & Butts

(Zea mays); 1.5 cups whole kernels for culinary use

After harvest, when we hand shell each corn cob individually to create our seed stock, we choose kernels from the center of each cob, and do not include those kernels at the tip or butt end of the cob. The center kernels of a cob capture the optimal point of a corn plot's pollination cycle - a highly desired trait for our seed stock. While processing cobs the kernels on their ends, as well as those that do not display the desired traits, go into our "eat jar" for grinding, nixtamalization, or other personal use.

We've decided to offer samples from our eat jar, this Cob Tips & Butts pack of kernels, for those that want the opportunity to trial using the corn before deciding to devote garden space to a plot.

How to transform homegrown whole corn kernels into cornmeal

1.5 cups whole kernels equals roughly 2 cups cornmeal ground on the middle setting of our mill. No grain mill? No worries! As shown in the pictures, it is possible to make cornmeal in a blender (Vitamix, or blender powerful enough to crush ice) or with an attachment for a standing mixer (Mockmill.)

Be sure to check our Let's Eat collection of recipes and our Digital Resources Collection for ideas on how to enjoy your cornmeal.

Please use the drop-down menu to select between the following cultivars: Floriani Red Flint, New York Red Flint, Johnny Dewlen Blue Dent, Minnesota 13 Dent, Polar Dent, Silver King Dent.

Important notes: This pack of whole kernel corn is intended for culinary use and is assembled in our barn which is not inspected by the Michigan Department of Agriculture & Rural Development. Peanuts in their shells are handled in the same building. We do not use pesticides or herbicides in the growing or processing of our seeds. These kernels are not tested for germination and we make no guarantee on their viability or purity for planting. Because we are not a licensed kitchen, sadly we are not able to send the corn already ground - we must send kernels whole. Additionally, as we select kernels for seed stock of each cultivar, we reject ones that do not meet the specific desired traits - this offering is essentially the "reject" seed stock pile and therefore will have greater variability in kernel traits; for example, the Cob Tips & Butts pack of New York Red Flint will have more kernels that are yellow or less red.

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