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Progression of grain harvest: wheat, barley, rye, oats, triticale (2023)

Scott Hucker

I use this kind of blog to remember all the things that I think I can remember, but actually probably won't!  This year I'll use the date of the first major harvest, so each grain ought to appear one time (except for those I forgot to type in).

The ripening was running 8 days behind 2022. 


August 16th

Found my missing XTS Pronghorn Triticale


August 8th

At last, the harvest season of 'grains' is finished.   Next is garlic and onions.

Finished the White and Blue Emmer

SRWF-27 Nured



August 5th

XTF18 Swedish Triticale

BS-27 Sardinian Barley

WS-17 Huron Wheat

OW-29 Von Brunnings Winter Hafer Oats

WF-41 Einkorn Dark

WF-41 Einkorn White

TMF-06 Provence Einkorn

TMF-01 Alaskan Fall Spelt (Einkorn)


August 4th

BS-06 Sumire Mochi

OS-02 Vicar Hull-less Oats

Td650 Black Winter Emmer

Ble' dur Arcour Einkorn

TDF-04 Toulouse

DWF-03 Mettes Rauhwizen Durum Wheat

TTF-03 Gartons Early Cone Wheat


August 3rd

WS-19 Len

WS-74 Dika

TTC-04 Armenian Black Pollard Wheat

TAS-114 Akhaltsikhis Tsiteli Doli Wheat

Chiddam Blanc Wheat


August 2nd

BS-27 Sardinian

OS- Shelly Hull-less

OS-25 Swedish Black Oats


August 1st

The spring grains have gotten a jump on me!   (Especially the large flock of starlings)

Bere Barley (BS-08)

Homestead Hulless 2-Row Barley

OS-05 Mozart Hull-less Oats

OS-07 Nusso Null-less Oats

OS-24 Scottish Chief Spring Oats

TIS-02 Ispahan Emmer Wheat

TTT-02 Dandan-i-Shutur Wheat

W100 Cervena 


July 30th

WZF-02 (WF-56) Timopheevii Wheat


July 25th

I began to cut the Sangaste Rye.

Sangaste Rye being cut in test strips

Each bundle was cut from a strip of measured length and known number of 'plants'. This is part of our harvest study this year. 


SRW-03 Berkley Rock Wheat

SRW-05 Red Rock Wheat

WF-47 Michigan Amber

WF-59A Lancaster Fulcaster

TS693 Schwarzer Winter Grannen Spelz (Spelt)

TD-04 Toulouse Emmer


July 24th

R-03 Sangaste Rye

BF-75 Abyssinian Winter Barley

XTF-14 Ma Cha Mai Triticale

XTF-20 Warszawa Triticale

DWF-04 1782 Durum Wheat

DWF-05 Arnautka Fall Durum Wheat

SRWf-41 Shepherd Wheat

TTF-02 English Rivet Wheat

TTF-05 Nonette de Lausanne Wheat

WF-48 Rouge de Bordeaux Wheat

WF-49 Vermont Read 1898 Wheat

WF-51 Sirvinta Wheat

WF-60 Red May Wheat

WF-115 Touzelle Originario Wheat

TMF-07 Ble' Dur Arcour Einkorn

TSF-04 Bregenzer Roter Spelz

TPS-05 Polsk Hvede Wheat


July 23rd

Rain is due late this afternoon, so, a bit of time pressure!

From the field east of the silo:

XTF-01 Blizzard Triticale

XTF-02 Enduro Triticale

XTF-07 Lasko Triticale

Td650 Black Winter Emmer

Each bundle tagged using green tape is a test strip for yield calculations.  If bundled in blue, those are the sister bundles of the test "green tape" grains.  If white tape, they are just regular 'seeds'.

harvesting of triticale test strips

Bundles have been combined by variety, and bound together for hanging from the rafters to further dry/cure while waiting in the queue for threshing and winnowing.

grain bundles combined by variety and ready for hanging to dry/cure in the barn


Lunch break and then from the field west of the pond:

TDF-05 Ble' Dur Arcour Einkorn

TD-05 (W84) Sentiencium Jere Emmer

W56 Timopheevii

WF-106 Jones Fife Winter Wheat (a favorite of the sparrows!)



July 22nd

Today was a busy day (and hot): oats, barley, wheat and triticale. (no rye yet) in the plot we call "north of the barn".  This plot has soil that is a sand, loam that has always done well for grains. The other half is a bit heavy. 

Each seed bundle labeled with name, SKU, plot name and harvest date.

 biodiversity of grains harvested on just July 22nd 2023

OWF-18 Norline

OWF-29 Von Brunnings Winter Hafer Oats

DWF-23 Black Dan Durum Wheat

SRWF-32 Goens Wheat

HRW-02 Marmin Wheat

W??F Militinae Wheat

XTF-03 OAC Wintri Triticale

XTF-05 Bokolo Triticale

XTF-06 Szalkas Triticale

XTF-11 Hungarian Triticale

XTF-14 Ma Cha Mai Triticale

XTF-15 Mnogoletnee Sadykova Triticale

XTF-16 Riebesel Triticale

XTF-18 Swedish Triticale

XTF-19 Uzor Triticale


July 21st

XTF-04 Salzmunder Bartweizen Triticale

XTF-13 Kharkivska Triticale

XTF-28 Sulyndina Triticale

TTF-04 Michurinka Wheat

DWF-21 Saficha Durum Wheat

TSF-05 Schwarzer Winter Grannen Spelz (Spelt)

WF-77 Bacska Wheat

WF-103 Makha Wheat Blend


July 16th

WF-35 Banatka Winter Wheat

WF-38 Michigan Short South Wheat

WF-81 Kastická Osinatká Wheat

WF-104 Poltavka Wheat

BF-75 Abyssinian Winter Barley

BF-88 Hudson Barley

TCF-08 Montsec Wheat

TD-05 Sentiencium Jere Emmer

TP-05 Polsk Hvede Wheat



July 14th

BF-27 Sardinian Barley (fall planted)

SWW-15 Pedigree Early Genesse Giant Wheat

SRW-19 Riley Wheat

SRW-39 Redwave Wheat

TC-07 Ble D' Avril Wheat

DWF-24 Gharnovka Durum Wheat




July 12th

2-Row Early Barley

6-Row Early Barley

OW-27 Hardy Prolific Black Winter Oats


July 10th

BF-79 Black Burbank Barley

BF-85 Eve Barley

BF-86 Fimbul Barley

BF-99 2-row Black Barley 

SWW-10 Saranac Wheat

SRW-27 Nured Wheat

SRW-28  Fulz Wheat

TT-01 Akmolinka Wheat

 OW-32 Winter Fulghum Oats

Fulghum Oats


July 9th 

BF-93 Schuyler Barley

BF-96 Michigan Wintermalt Barley

BF-107 Weizen Oder Edel Barley

DWF-23 Black Don Durum Wheat

TC-04 Velino Wheat



July 5th 

BF78 Black Russian Barley

OW13 Pennlan Oats

DWF24 Gharnovka Durum Wheat

BF85 Eve Barley

BF83 Dan Barley


July 4th


Oowa Barley (BF-105)

Pike Barley (BF-91) 


July 1st 

Harvested all of the Bai Chin Ke Barley (BF-76).   I could have done it a few days ago, but I wanted the entire plot to be 'ready' at once. While the Zou Xian Song Mang Da Mai Barley was a 'all ripe at once' kind of grain, the Bai Chin Ke Barley had two traits I do not like: 1)  The row along the walking aisle was definitely a week behind in maturity, so it did not get cut at the same time, 2) Some of the plants had produced a kind of 2nd flush of stems and seed heads which were still quite green. Of course those two negatives are balanced by Bai Chin Ke's awns which did a fairly good job of discouraging the birds, and the seeds are 'naked', that is, hull less. 

Fall planted grains ready for harvest in early July

 and in another plot

Fall planted grains ready for harvest in July


June 25th

Zou Xian Song Mang Da Mai Barley (BF-98) 

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